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John Day, OR

Group for parents

Mother Culture Club

A monthly book club for moms only. We read a wide variety of books including fiction, education philosophy, parenting, and more.

John Day, OR

Living Books Library for parents and students

Strawberry Mountain Living Books

A library of loving books for homeschool families in Grant County, Oregon. Call or text to borrow books.

Florence, KY

Group for parents and students

New Charlotte Mason Group in Florence (Boone County) KY


I am interested in starting a Charlotte Mason group in Boone County Area, KY.

If you are interested, please let me know! It would involve a Mother Culture book club for Moms, nature study group meetings for the families, and possibly enrichment for our children in a once a month co-op format.

Kindly reach out if you are interested. Nature walks can start happen during Summer with the other activities resuming in the Fall. Thanks in advance!

Marietta, GA

Group for students

Plantings Academy: A Community of Learning

Plantings Academy: A Community of Learning

"They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord
for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

An academy of Christian education is established in Marietta. The purpose is to provide a community for families seeking to educate their children toward loving the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and to recognize and value what is good, true, and beautiful. The community will be following the life-giving philosophy of British educator Charlotte Mason.

Plantings Academy learning emphasizes living books that nourish the mind and develop critical thinking. In our community students cultivate imagination, form good habits, and develop life skills. Most importantly, this is a community where Truth and the love and grace of God are enjoyed each day.

• For students ages 10-12 or 4th-6th grade
• Three-day program (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
• At-home assignments (Wednesday/Friday)

Disciplinary Subjects:
- Mathematics
- Composition and English Grammar
- Handwork
- Logic: The Fallacy Detective
- Geography: North and South America
Inspirational Subjects:
- Bible: The synoptic Gospels, an OT book, Simply the Story
- History: Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation
- Literature
- Science/Nature Study
- Studies: Composer, Artist, Poet

Tuition: $3,300 includes all classroom/study materials; families responsible for book list
$ 250 sibling discounts

First Day – August 29
Labor Day Holiday – September 5
Thanksgiving Holiday – November 21 – 25
Christmas Holiday – December 19 – January 8
Spring Holiday – April 3-7
Last Day - May 26

Dress Code: grey or khaki skirt or pants, solid color polo shirt, closed toe shoes

Location: Marietta/West Cobb, address TBD
Kelly Holcomb 770-356-6696

Keller, TX

Event for parents

Charlotte Mason Gathering for Moms

This one-morning event is for moms to connect with other CM homeschoolers, and to encourage each other in our role as mothers and educators. We'll discuss a Parents' Review article, have a picture study and snacks, and leave plenty of time to discuss CM, curricula, and local communities.

Branson West, MO

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Community of the Ozarks

Seeking to form a Charlotte Mason group in the Springfield/Branson area. Please get in touch if you'd like community with other Charlotte Mason homeschoolers in the region!

Spring Hill, TN

Group for parents and students

Spring Hill Charlotte Mason

Community group with regular book readings, enrichment opportunities for families, and monthly meetings to study the CM philosophy

Sanger, TX

Group for parents and students

St. Francis Academy

We are Christian, Charlotte Mason hybrid-style academy for homeschooling families. We offer classes out of doors on Tuesday and Thursday of art, music, PE, Spanish, handicrafts, nature study, and more, while you do the other subjects with your children at home on M and W. Our program is not something to add to what you are already doing, but rather for the group to take some things off of individual mothers’ plates for the more specialized subjects. Younger children welcomed as well.
At the moment, one parent is required to stay on campus to serve in an approved capacity. Tuition is $1100/child (capped at four) per academic year. Families are expected to make a yearly commitment. Acceptance contingent upon application.

Morgantown, WV

Group for parents and students

Living Oaks Academy

We are a Christianhybrid homeschool academy in Morgantown, WV. Parent trainings are held throughout the school year. Students meet Tuesdays and Thursdays on campus.

Vancouver, WA

Group for parents and students

CM Inspired Homeschoolers of Vancouver, WA

This is a small group, we would love to find more Charlotte Mason homeschoolers! There is only a few families that meet to discuss Charlotte's writings, in nature, with our children playing nearby and underfoot. We would like to grow into a CM co-op.

New Waterford, OH

Group for parents and students

Engaged Education Community

A ministry offering community and support for homeschooling families choosing the rich and gentle method of a living education.

“We hold that all education is divine, that every good gift of knowledge and insight comes from above, that Holy Spirit is the supreme educator of mankind.” -Charlotte Mason

Our hope is to gather in the name of Jesus with purpose. The purpose of fellowship as students learn together on Thursdays and share the same living education. As we meet, the children will take part in natural and challenging discovery, group projects and discussion as they have similar booklists throughout their education.

EEC will offer a tailored curriculum for families using Ambleside Online, a free booking and resource for families regardless of their participation in EEC.

EEC will offer regular support throughout the year to all educators and learners interested in Charlotte Mason philosophy and method of education.


(**2022-Summer workshops Thursdays 9am-11am through July 26th**:)

School Schedule: :

Thursdays, 9am-2pm

Huntsville, AL

Group for parents

“With All Your Mind” Charlotte Mason Reading & Study Women’s Group

Meeting location is variable - contact for next meeting location.
Meets once monthly, 6-7 pm on 2nd Thursdays.

1st meeting at Whitesburg Baptist South Campus - the Recreation Center at 7300 Whitesburg Dr.

Assignment for 1st meeting, June 9th 2022:
Home Education, Preface - Page 10 (Part I: Some Preliminary Considerations, Section I “A Method of Education”).

The book is available reprinted by Living Book Press
Simply Charlotte Mason, New West Press, there is an audiobook version available on, as well as a free online annotated version at Ambleside Online
Please underline or write out your favorite parts, parts you are wondering about, or want to discuss - we will prioritize discussing those! I am not giving any lectures, haha!

“Love the Lord your God ... with all your mind.”
Can you ever be “done” with reading, learning, and thinking to the best of your abilities and still obey this command? In a culture that often elevates emotions and “my truth” over knowledge and wisdom, let us discover together the insight a gifted, God-glorifying educator can give us in pursuit of knowledge of God, Man, and Creation for our children and ourselves. Lifelong education challenges and better enables us to appreciate God from many directions.

We will be starting with Volume 1, which focuses on the early life of children from birth to about age 9, but the emphasis she places on things in early childhood are the foundation for what she’s building for her entire education method. So, if you have children past that early age, this will be applicable to you as well, and what she has to say in her later volumes builds upon this foundational volume.

This group is for women who want to be intentional with the children that God has placed in their life and enrich the relations they form both in and out of, and before and after their school life.

We each must be intentional with our own education, which does not begin and end with school, and should truly be a lifelong endeavor to the glory of God. We should not stagnate in our own education and expect vibrant growth from our children - we must model the habits we desire to blossom in children. As Charlotte Mason says, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” - and we are part of that to our children!

Yulee, FL

Group for parents and students

Yulee/Fernandina CM Nature Study Group

This is a group that meets twice a month in different parks to study nature together, do handicrafts and take nature hikes. Feel free to reach out to meet with other like minded families!

College Station, TX

Group for parents and students

In A Large Room

Charlotte Mason community including Scale How Cottage School, bi-monthly structured days focused on subjects in a CM curriculum and Scale How Companions, nature group and Mother Culture.

Hamilton, ON

Group for parents

Whole Hearted Educators

We are a group of CM focused mamas, who meet once a month to study CM principals (this year we are studying Volume III). For participating members, you have access to our living book library (for a small cost).
Please message to inquire for more info.

New Caney, TX

Event for parents

Summer Gathering of CM Moms

A simple gathering (8:30-11:30 am) of mothers homeschooling based on Charlotte Mason's philosophy. We will discuss a Parents' Review article and experience some aspects of a CM education for ourselves, including picture study, brush drawing, and a nature walk. [Park requires a $3 entrance fee per person.]


Group for parents and students

Johnson County, Indiana’s BRAND NEW FUTURE GROUP???

Hey there!

I am interested in starting a Charlotte Mason group in Johnson County, Indiana.

If you are in this area, or near it and willing to travel, please let me know! It would be a mother's group - furthering education on Charlotte Mason, a nature group, and possibly enrichment for our children.

I have had this in my heart and mind for some time now & would love to hear from you if you would be able to join in this area!!!

Little Elm, TX

Group for parents and students

Weekly co-op for lifestyle of learning

A CM drop-off/cooperative that meets twice a month to support Truth, beauty, goodness.

Santa Teresa, NM

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Nature and science group

I invite you to join in an nature and science group with me! We can go to nearby wetland and other habitats, we are trilingual group with English, Mandarin and Spanish.

Greer, SC

Group for parents and students

Willow Creek Gathers Co-op

We meet in Greer, SC to provide a living education, education is the science of relations. We view children as a complete person and teach them with rich curriculum and help them grow with gentle formation of knowledge and character. Charlotte Mason summed up her teaching in three words, beautiful, expansive, and efficient.

We are are group of families that want to give our children a rich education. During our co-op days we gather together to study nature, Shakespeare, art, Plutarch, music, geography, and handicrafts. The parents all volunteer and are active on-site during co-op day, each week. We offer recitation nights twice a year with one of those featuring a play performed by the children in the co-op.

Outside of co-op days, we want to 'do life' with each other and connect frequently. In addition, the moms meet regularly to learn more about the Charlotte Mason method as well as strengthen our bonds. Family nights are also offered as it's vital for the whole family to have a supportive community and socialization.

Philadelphia, PA

Group for parents

Philadelphia Charlotte Mason Reading Group

I host a Charlotte Mason Reading Group monthly in my home in Philadelphia, PA. We are a group of Philly-based Charlotte Mason homeschooling mothers committed to learning and growing. We read through CM's volumes each month and come together to discuss her philosophy and how to implement her living ideas of education. Meetings are on a weeknight from 7:30-9pm. We welcome anyone interested in reading the volumes and discussing Charlotte Mason with us!

Lunenburg, MA

Group for parents and students

Truth, Beauty Goodness CM Community

We meet up to do folk songs, recitations, folk dancing, physical geography, scouting and Handicrafts.

We also are starting a group for middle school and up to read through Shakespeare together and some other subjects. I am open to younger children meeting at the same time if someone else wants to help lead that.

Pittsburgh, PA

Group for parents and students

A Little Charlotte Mason Co-op

We meet on a bi-weekly basis during the school year. Meetings are an informal, low-stress opportunity for mothers and children to build community while practicing a Charlotte Mason education. The exact format of the meetings is flexible and depends on the input of the mothers participating. We emphasize spending as much time outdoors as possible during all seasons. Activities may include recitation, learning a folk song, doing a picture study, going on a nature walk, drawing in a nature journal, and working on handicrafts together. Activities are designed to interest and accommodate students from a variety of ages, including younger siblings.

Charlotte, NC

Group for parents and students

Lark Rise School

Lark Rise School is dedicated to advancing the educational principles of Charlotte Mason by supporting educators and families through classes, conferences, discussion groups, and other local and online opportunities.

We are currently transitioning from Florida to North Carolina, and looking to connect with the local homeschool community before introducing new groups and programs in the area.

Miami, FL

Group for parents

Educating Mothers Book Club

Educating Mothers is a robust book discussion group for women ready to approach the work of education with reverence and dedication. All levels of experience are represented and welcome in this growing community, as we apply ourselves to understand and practice Mason's educational method. We meet in the Kendall area, 7PM-10PM on the last Thursday of each month (excluding December) to discuss the assigned reading. This group is open to the public, and does not require a membership or purchase. Please contact us to join our email list and receive reading assignments and meeting details.