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Cumberland, MD

Living Books Library for parents and students

Scholé Living Library

We are working to develop a Living Books Library for our CM Group on the Cumberland Plateau. Scholé of the Cumberlands is a CM Homeschool Community who meet weekly during the school year and are looking to grow our local group.

Greenville, SC

Group for parents and students

Ambleview Village

Ambleview Village is a Charlotte Mason mom-led co-op. We are a community of moms intentionally pursuing Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy. We offer classes for Form I and up (Grades 1-12) and offer Nursery and Preform (age 0-5) for younger siblings. Courses in Handicrafts, Literature (including Shakespeare), Science, Geography, Art, Singing, Riches, Plutarch, Nature Study, Physical Education in the form of Folk Dancing and Swedish Drill, and various electives for Highschool. For the moms, we offer monthly and weekly Mother Culture events and a yearly planning retreat. We also have a yearly family camping trip and other field trips and events scheduled throughout the year.

Mechanicsville, VA

Event for parents

A Charlotte Mason Moms’ Retreat

As homeschooling mothers, it is easy to put so much time into our children's education that we neglect our own. This day is dedicated to expanding our own education in enjoyable ways.

Our speakers will be Dawn Duran, Camille Malucci and Brittney McGann.

Sallisaw, OK

Group for parents and students

Sequoyah County Nature Group

We are a mostly Charlotte Mason group. We do weekly nature groups that incorporate hikes, book clubs, book swaps and field trips.

St Charles, MO

Group for students

Living Books Fellowship

2023-2034 is our inaugural year.

We will meet in St. Charles, MO, 24 times in the school year, on Thursdays.

We are a cooperative - each mom must lead a subject/class.

Families must have an oldest student of age 12+, we are targeting families with "older" school age students, to meet a need of a weekly, in-person, academic co-op.

We base our classes on Ambelside Online Group Forms.

Fort Worth, TX

Group for parents and students

FEASTT Homeschool Enrichment Community

At FEASTT our mission is to provide community and enrichment to homeschooling families by assisting in spreading the feast of education through Faith-building Experiences, Academic Support and the Trusted Techniques developed by Charlotte Mason. We are group of Fort Worth Tx homeschool families that meet weekly over the school year.

Aberdeen, WA

Group for parents and students

Simply Schooling Outdoor Co-op

We are an outdoor co-op that studies a different environment every year. We meet weekly on Thursdays April to October. About half our members are CM parents, while many are curious. No cost to join.
2022 - Beach life
2023 - Watershed environment
2024 - Field & Farm
2025 - Forest
Cycle will repeat

We also have a small mother's book club that reads books pertaining to CM parenting ideas. We did the CM Volumes 2018 to 2020, but hope to go through them in future. I think we will start in Fall 2024 with Volume 6.

Longmont, CO

Group for parents and students

The Nest

The Nest is a Northern Colorado Christian cooperative community of homeschooling families, where we prioritize family involvement, Charlotte Mason education, literature-based learning and include children with mixed abilities – all while steering clear of publicly funded programs.

Worcester, MA

Group for parents

Central Mass CM book group

We are a group of moms reading through Charlotte Mason's volumes together and supporting one another in this homeschool and parenting journey. We meet monthly and we are located in Central Massachusetts.

Erie, PA

Group for parents and students

Erie, PA

Protestant Christian mothers learning about Charlotte Mason, educating our children using her methods, meeting together as mothers, and with our children for nature studies. Plans are in the works for a weekly co-op!

Buena Park, CA

Group for parents and students

Riches North

We are a community of families gathering to behold and delight in God through the rich feast of a Charlotte Mason education - hymns, folk songs, recitation, artist and composer study, singing games and more.

Weekly Gathering
Families meet Wednesday afternoons in North Orange County. In our cooperative community we serve one another and delight in learning together through the principles and methods of Charlotte Mason. Mothers share their gifts to contribute to the co-op and children actively participate in enrichment time. Mothers with children of all ages are welcome!

Arlington, TX

Group for parents and students

St. Newman Fellowship

We are an established Roman Catholic community of homeschool families who gather each week for:

-Monthly discussion of the writings of Charlotte Mason for moms
-Semimonthly nature walks for all ages
-Semimonthly co-op for students ages 6 to 18 (based on an application
process, space-permitting, includes a membership fee)

Ojai, CA

Event for parents

Summer Gathering 2023

Living Education Collective is so excited to announce our 2nd annual Summer Gathering! This year we will be in the beautiful Ojai Valley for a full day Charlotte Mason retreat on Sat., July 22 from 9am-5pm. Join us for a day of inspiration, community, philosophy and practicum.

This is a Charlotte Mason mother culture event. We believe education is an atmosphere, a discipline and a life. Come join us as we live it! In addition to all things Charlotte Mason, this gathering will feature delicious food, rest, inspiration, relationship and growth.

Let the mother's go out and play!

Ventura, CA

Group for parents

CM Reading Group

Join us as we slowly work through Charlotte Mason's volumes, sip tea and eat brunch. We read aloud and discuss, no homework. Group meets once a month.

Weaverville, NC

Event for parents

Charlotte Mason Book Discussion, In Vital Harmony

Connect with likeminded mom's as we discuss the book, In Vital Harmony by Karen Glass. We will meet Tuesday, May 23rd & June 6th at 6:30 p.m. in Weaverville, N.C. The goal of the discussion will be to gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy of a Charlotte Mason education for our children and ourselves. She described her approach to education as, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” Members will purchase the book to read and are encouraged to take notes or jot down questions to bring to the discussion. During the meeting, we will take turns sharing our thoughts about the book, what we learned, and how we related to the material.

“It is no arbitrary reward which is attached to the assembling of two or three together; we warm ourselves at each others’ fires, and glow with the heat we get. Let but the heads of two or three families meet together to talk over the bringing up of their children, and the best and wisest parents will go home with new insight, renewed purpose, and warmer zeal. ‘We shall learn by degrees that education is, like religion, a social principle as well as an individual duty; and, meeting on this higher ground, we shall find out the best of one another as we never should in the common intercourse of business or society.'”
Charlotte Mason, editorial note, Parents’ Review, March 1890

Catlett, VA

Group for parents and students

Walnut Branch Charlotte Mason Co-op and Community

We are a small Charlotte Mason co-op that meets weekly in Fauquier County. We have lessons for Forms 1-3 (ages 6-14). Lessons include paper sloyd, brush drawing, composer study, nature study, solfege, hymn study, as well as Shakespeare and Plutarch for Form 2+.

In addition we meet monthly as mothers to read and discuss Charlotte Mason's volumes.

Wadsworth, OH

Group for parents and students

Nature Study Group

I recently started a nature study group. We meet Thursdays @ 12:30 in Wadsworth. We explore, make entries in our nature journals and enjoy the company of like-minded home school moms and students.

Tiskilwa, IL

Event for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Family Camp

Charlotte Mason Family Camp is a unique five day four night immersion into family life with other Charlotte Mason families. Held at a campground in mid Illinois in Tiskilwa Illinois.
Camp is outdoors – meals and activities.
Check-in on Monday begins at 2pm with dinner at 5pm.
First session begins after dinner on Monday night.

Daily Schedule begins with morning prayer and Bible reading.
– A morning session for adults will be offered daily while school aged children have their own session.
– Afternoons are for occupations. Organized handicrafts, boating, hiking the 200+ acres, swimming in the pool or lake, playing games, resting, picture study, crafting, music, brush drawing.
– Evening meals are followed by family style prayer time.
– Late nights are for book discussions, teen time and bonfires.

See for more info.

Cascade, ID

Event for parents

Treasure Valley Charlotte Mason Community Summer Retreat

SAVE THE DATE!!! Jul 21 - Jul 23, 2023

The Treasure Valley Charlotte Mason Community (TVCMC - find us on Facebook) serves the local Boise, Idaho area and is hosting their first SUMMER RETREAT! We'll be in Cascade, Idaho at the YWAM Camp for the weekend of Friday, July 21 - Sunday, July 23, 2023. We'll gather for a weekend of fellowship and living ideas with the aim of preparing your heart and mind for a year of CM home education <3 Final details are being planned right now and will be updated later. If you're not on Facebook, you can email us to stay up to date on registration dates and info:

Summerville, SC

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Parents Educational Network

“The people themselves begin to clamour for an education which shall qualify their children for life rather than for earning a living. As a matter of fact, it is the man who has read and thought on many subjects who is, with the necessary training, the most capable whether in handling tools, drawing plans, or keeping books.”

-- Charlotte Mason

We believe that children are whole beings and that it is the top priority of the parent to tend to the child’s whole self; including their education. It is our goal to create a community of learning and support to give our children a whole and abundant education.

We believe that in order to give our children the best education, a s. This investment in time broadens her skills, knowledge and interests. We strive to create a culture of Mothers learning together. This knowledge and these skills, when passed on to our children, will create a brighter world.
We offer community day. These Learning Days are weekly days where we come together to feast on education. Our program is Christ-centered and family centered. Unlike many homeschool education days, CM PEN Learning Days are not drop-off programs. One of the main goals of CM PEN is to be accessible for families of all sizes. We believe that this encourages community, and allows families to be fully integrated in the education process. During our Learning Days we explore a variety of subjects and short lessons, using Charlotte Mason philosophies. Students will be encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas while they are learning with others in their form. This day will be focused on allowing students to form connections with their readings and fellow students. We are a 501c3 organization with a mission to support homeschool families. We also have an online presence and encourage any homeschooling family interested in learning through Charlotte Mason's philosophy to join us. We operate locally in the Low Country of South Carolina.

Englewood, TN

Group for parents

CM reading group-Athens

We are a group of Charlotte Mason homeschooling mama's reading through her volumes.


Group for parents and students

TBG Co-op

You are invited to participate in a bi-weekly gathering of families in the Tuscaloosa County, AL area to study art, handicrafts, poetry, music, folk dance, games, literature including Shakespeare, Spanish, and recitation in the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. We will use the life-giving principles and methods of Charlotte Mason for our lesson plans and activities. The gathering is for mothers and children of all ages to pursue a relational understanding of the things we study. A legal guardian must remain with the enrolling child for the duration of the TBG Co-op. Parents are required to contribute in some way. This could be teaching, assisting, clean-up, nursery duty, etc.

Date/Time: Our group will meet on [15 Fridays] in the fall and spring [from 12:30 pm-4:00 pm]. The meeting days include a Get-to-Know You Day and two Celebration days!

Rogers, AR

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Reading Group (parents)

Monthly gathering to discuss Charlotte Mason’s works as we read through together.

Tupelo, MS

Group for parents and students

CM Family

I am a new-ish CM mom using AmblesideOnline who would love to connect with other CM-minded families in our area.

We currently do weekly nature meet ups with a few families if anybody is interested in joining those outings.

Watsontown, PA

Group for parents and students

Hope Coop

Hope Coop offers free monthly events, on first Fridays, for homeschooling families including Charlotte Mason Enrichments, Nature Study, Field Trips, and Mom Time Book Study. All events are free. We do ask for a small membership fee to cover supply costs. We are located in Watsontown, Pennsylvania.