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Houston, TX

Event for parents

Tomball and North Houston Charlotte Mason Mom group

We are a group of mothers in the Tomball/Spring/Cypress/Woodlands area (and surrounding!). We get together to learn more about CM and read her volumes. We meet weekly for nature hikes and journaling but most of all we enrich and encourage each other!

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Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Institute Online Study Groups

The Charlotte Mason Institute hosts several different online study groups each semester (seasons run from January-June and July-December) for community, growth, and encouragement. Groups typically meet once a month via zoom for an hour and a half, and extra articles and resources and a forum to chat with others in the group are provided with registration.

Group for parents

Comunidad Educadores Charlotte Mason Iberoamérica

We are an online community of parents and educators who learn and exchange information about the Charlotte Mason method of education as faithfully as possible to her Home Education Series, considering the challenges to tailor her writings to the Spanish-speaking cultural community wherever it may be located. We carry out regular online gatherings, conferences, and talks.

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers of NJ/NY/CT

We are a Facebook group for parents in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut who have only just heard about Charlotte Mason or have been using her methods for years. We love Charlotte Mason and the precious truths she left behind for our families! We would love for you to join our group if you’re looking for information about the Charlotte Mason method of education, for support in learning to apply this method in your home, and/or to connect with other families in the tristate area who use this wonderful method of life and learning,

Slowly, yet surely, Charlotte Mason families are springing up in the NJ/NY/CT area and this Facebook group is the result of our desire to connect Charlotte Mason families in our areas. We want you to know you are not alone! Our hope is that through this group, you will find other Charlotte Mason families in your area, as well as support and resources to bless your home and homeschool.

Group for parents

Twin Cities Charlotte Mason Community Group

This is a private Facebook group for Charlotte Mason parents/educators living in the Twin Cities of MN to connect and learn about in-person seminars, events, support groups, CM Volumes discussion groups, coops and retreats that are taking place near us. We are a community that is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, homeschooling and the grace filled (not perfect) pursuit of following Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education wholeheartedly. We do not promote any specific CM curriculum but ask that any ideas/suggestions/gatherings posted on our group page are focused on this specific philosophy of education. We are here to encourage you, pray for you and help you find new friends along the journey! We hope to meet you soon!

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Community of Sussex County NJ

The goal for this community is to connect homeschooling families already using the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, as well as to connect and encourage homeschooling families new to the Charlotte Mason method in Sussex County, NJ and surrounding areas.

You can connect with us via FB or email me at

We have three different activities: 1) Mothers' book club reading Charlotte Mason Volumes; 2) Nature Club; and, 3) Monthly co-op for afternoon occupations.

Group for students

An Edifying Education – Charlotte Mason Morning Enrichment Zoom Classes (ages 10-13 & 14 and up))

Middle School (10-13) and High School (14 & up)
Two 16 week terms with maximum class size of 12
One two-hour class per week

Term 1 begins: August 31st for Middle School, September 2nd for High School

Cost: $10 per week for one student, $8 per week for siblings

Includes: Selective, God-honoring, age appropriate literature,
hymns, folksongs, artist study, poetry, Shakespeare and Plutarch

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Soiree

Our focus in Soirée is twofold:
*Being diligent students of the Charlotte Mason philosophy
*Learning how to implement Charlotte Mason’s methods in our modern times

Burton, OH

Group for parents and students

Potential Group Burton, OH

Gathering interest in future events. My children and I would like to gather with a local community of Christian Charlotte Mason-style parents and students in NE Ohio to do nature walks, discuss books and eventually participate in folk dancing and other creative and pleasant activities, as we explore Truth, Beauty, and Goodness together.

Group for parents and students

CM Phoenix Facebook Group

An online gathering place for CM homeschool families in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Group for parents and students

CM Early Years in Phoenix

This group is for moms of children ages 0-6 who are taking a gentle Charlotte Mason approach to these early years.

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Phoenix Website

Our website is a simple place for sharing local CM opportunities in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Group for parents

Living Education Lessons

You are warmly invited to participate in my offering, Living Education Lessons, a group mentoring experience. This little community is something unique for women who wish to homeschool using the Charlotte Mason method and live a full life. I believe these things can go hand-in-hand, but sometimes we need thoughtful and unhurried guidance from someone who has gone before – a mentor. I will share about my decades of experience from homeschooling with Charlotte Mason methods, creating an atmosphere of beauty and respect in my home, and nurturing relationships with God, my family, and friends. As a small community, each Season you will find kindred spirits to encourage you, walk beside you, and help keep you moving forward. Hundreds of women over the past few years have participated in these living classes.

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Book Club hosted by SCM

This book club will work on a rotation through books on the Charlotte Mason method, some published and sold by Simply Charlotte Mason, and others published by other sources. We will focus on one book at a time to help us learn deeply from the wisdom of the author and each other. Our current book study is:

Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason (Volume 2 of the Original Home Schooling Series)

Start Date: August 2, 2021

Next Book

(tentative) Consider This by Karen Glass

Start Date: TBA

Group for parents

Northeast New England Charlotte Mason

This is a Facebook group for Charlotte Mason homeschooling parents living in Northern New England to find one another and be supported and encouraged.

Group for parents and students

Wildwood Learning Center

Wildwood Learning Center is the online offerings of Wildwood Community School. Classes are offered in a wide range of subject areas, for students and parents. We offer full-year and term classes. Scholarships are always available.
(Although we do offer some Form I classes, majority of the offerings will be for Form II and higher.)

Group for parents

Life-giving Motherhood

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life." ~ Charlotte Mason
With acknowledgment of this, Life-giving Motherhood was born: a worldwide, online community of sisters in Christ, growing in the philosophy and method of Charlotte Mason in our homes and local churches. Each month is packed with live workshops, habit-formation challenges, mother culture, and a book club reading Miss Mason's volumes.

"We are a community of Gospel-reliant moms, intent on being disciples and disciplers of Christ, who have united to answer the call of raising up the next generation in accordance with God's Word, by cultivating the spiritual disciplines lived out by Christ, and by replacing unproductive habits with life-giving, productivity-boosting habits, which enable us to hone our ability to be watchful, praying gatekeepers of our homes, and ultimately, hear our King say when He returns, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”