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Agape Crossing Homeschool Community

Agape Crossing Homeschool Community is a faith based group of mommas committed to meaningful homeschool community for ourselves, our children, and our families. We are unique in that we are not a co-op, nor are we just a playdate group either. We fall somewhere in-between, with a common goal of educating our children and serving one another in a way that brings glory to God.

Our Mission is to foster a safe, Christ centered and Spirit- lead environment where families can connect, grow, and learn together.

We Gather regularly for fellowship and various activities, adventures, and events.

▪️Activities (narration presentations, mock trial, hymn club, book club, nature lab, field trips, sports days, pool day, etc)

▪️Adventures (park days, nature hikes, trips to the beach and springs, etc)

▪️Events (family worship night, ladies night, market day, community homeschool buy-sell-swap-free day, etc)

Our Members are vital to the community. The quality of education and fellowship found within the community depends upon our collective level of commitment to/and investment in the group.

To that end, all members agree to:

▪️Conduct themselves in a way that their words and actions promote unity and encouragement, according to the Word of God.

▪️Actively participate in community events, attend a minimum of one calendar event per month.

▪️Plan, host and/or calendar an activity/event a minimum of once per year.

▪️NOT share activities/event details with non-members for any reason, including via social media. No exceptions. The safety and security of our community is of the utmost importance.

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We’ll send your contact information to the Group organizer so they can get in touch with you.