Group for parents and students


Agape Crossing Homeschool Community

Agape Crossing Homeschool Community is a faith-based group of mamas who want to build a meaningful community for ourselves and our children. We are unique in that we are not a homeschool co-op, nor are we a playdate group. We are a true village of families, mothers, friends, and sisters who gather weekly for activities.

Our purpose is community. To serve one another in a way that brings glory to God, as we journey together in providing a home education for our children.

Our Mission is to:

▪️Raise our children according to God’s word

▪️Foster a Christ-centered homeschooling community
where families can connect, learn, and grow together

▪️Create deep, eternal relationships to build each other
up, and encourage each other in words and deeds

▪️Build a safe environment for our children to strengthen
Christ-like character traits, make spirit-led decisions,
and kindle life-long friendships

Understand that we are unified in the Gospel of the Kingdom, but may not be uniform in our beliefs, and all are welcome.

Our Members are vital to the community. The quality of education and fellowship found within the community depends upon our collective level of commitment to/and investment in the group. To that end, members agree to:

▪️Actively participate in activities, attending a
minimum of one per month

▪️Plan or host a minimum of one activity/event per year

▪️NOT share activities/event details with non-members
for any reason. No exceptions. The safety and security
of our community is of the utmost importance.

We’ll send your contact information to the Group organizer so they can get in touch with you.