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An Edifying Education – Charlotte Mason Morning Enrichment Zoom Classes (ages 10-13 & 14 and up))

Middle School (10-13) and High School (14 & up)
Two 16 week terms with maximum class size of 12
One two-hour class per week

Term 1 begins: August 31st for Middle School, September 2nd for High School

Cost: $10 per week for one student, $8 per week for siblings

Includes: Selective, God-honoring, age appropriate literature,
hymns, folksongs, artist study, poetry, Shakespeare and Plutarch

St Johnsbury, VT

Inklings Community

A small Charlotte Mason community, modeled after the True, Good, and Beautiful model that Nancy Kelly describes on Sage Parnassus. The children that attend this group are in Forms 1 through Form 3. Moms are required to be involved and guide discussions and explorations. Shakespeare, Plutarch, scouting and music are the subjects included so far, with hopes to build into more.