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Monument, CO

Group for students

Rose Cottage School

Rose Cottage School is a tuition based Charlotte Mason homeschool enrichment program serving families living in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado. 1st-5th grade students experience the enjoyment of learning with their peers by participating in our weekly offerings. We meet Tuesday afternoons for Nature Study and Thursday mornings for The Arts (Music, Art, Shakespeare, Handicrafts, and more). Students can participate in one or both programs. Parents gain support by having an experienced CM home educator supplement their core curriculum. In community, we share the calling to educate children with the beauty and richness of a Mason education.


Group for parents

South Jersey Reading Group

I am interested in starting a Charlotte Mason reading group for moms. I’m hoping to meet once a month to read through and discuss Mason’s volumes. Please reach out if you are in the South Jersey area.

Crossville, TN

Living Books Library for parents and students

Cumberland Mountain Living Library

We are a group of like-minded homeschool families making progress in putting together a free, lending Living Library for CM homeschool families.

Lithia, FL

Group for parents and students


Hi families! My vision for a group that meets in our area is to have meet ups with our kids where we focus on building relationships and community, while following CM methods to introduce our kids to rich literature, art, music, etc. There is no current group meeting, but I am wanting to start one and would love to have parent input as we build a group together.

Jacksonville, FL

Group for parents and students


Academic Charlotte Mason Community utilizing the Alveary resources from Charlotte Mason Institute.

Moms meet monthly for volumes reading discussions, students and parents meet weekly to complete a wide range of subjects together.

We are currently full, but we can add you to our waitlist or help connect you with other groups...or start your own!

Gainesville, FL

Group for parents and students

Flourish Cottage School: A Charlotte Mason Cooperative

We meet three times a month in Gainesville on Fridays and currently delegate teaching subjects to parents. We have a few in a “preschool” room, and school aged children separated into two groups: ages 6-9 and 10-14. Currently we start with hymns and Bible, followed by handicrafts (lower forms), ASL(upper) Shakespeare(upper), Church History(upper), Literature(lower), Sol-fa (lower). We wrap up with poetry and folk songs and eat lunch together. We are looking for Christian families committed to Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophies.

Orange, CA

Group for parents and students

Sursum Corda CM Co-Op

We are a community of homeschooling families that meets together for Preschool-Highschool classes taught using Charlotte Mason's principles on Thursdays in Orange, CA. Parents participate as volunteer teachers, and serve in various other volunteer roles.

Amarillo, TX

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers of Amarillo

Reading and discussion group for homeschooling moms, with emphasis on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.

Charlotte, MI

Group for parents and students

Moms Book Club/AO co-op

I live in the Charlotte area and am looking for a Charlotte Mason book club for moms and/or anyone interested in doing an Ambleside co-op every other week. Just really hoping to find some like-minded families in the area!

Redding, CA

Group for parents and students


Charlotte Mason Redding is a local community organized to equip, encourage and support those who are actively pursuing or desirous of learning to implement Charlotte Mason’s philosophy in their homes. We offer parental training, group gatherings & special events, group classes, a living library and mother culture opportunities.

Tiskilwa, IL

Event for parents and students

2024 Charlotte Mason Family Camp in Tiskilwa, Illinois

Does a getaway to enjoy time with family, nourishing friendships, spiritual refreshment, and respite from the daily routine sound good to you? Then come join us – families who embrace the Charlotte Mason philosophy – at the 2024 Charlotte Mason Family Camps. We feature morning sessions for both parents and children, daily nature walks with nature journaling, nourishing al fresco meals, a beautiful lake for boating and fishing, an array of afternoon occupations, hymn and folk singing as well as folk dancing, bonfires, a maker’s market and a family showcase to display what was learned in the 2023-24 school year.

Planning for the 2024 event which occurs August 12-16 is under way. Please check out the following website for more information:
Registration begins Monday, February 19.

Come get inspired and excited about the new school year with like-minded families!

Traverse City, MI

Event for parents

Awaken: a Living Books Educational Conference

An encouraging and equipping weekend of Immersions and workshops featuring speakers, A Delectable Education, Michelle Howard the Living Books Lady, Jessica Becker and Kelsi Rea.

Ypsilanti, MI

Group for parents and students

Interested in Home School Co-op or Reading Group

I am interested in joining or forming a Charlotte Mason reading group for mom where we meet and read Mason's series and/or a home school co-op to help with some of riches of a CM education. If you're in the Ann Arbor area, please reach out!

Conroe, TX

Group for parents and students

The Woodlands/Conroe Charlotte Mason Mothers

We are a new group that meets monthly to study CM’s volumes. But we are open to growing where God would have us bloom whether through nature study hikes, recitation gatherings, and more. We welcome both new and seasoned mothers who long to create community in our area with both our children and ourselves.

Roseville, CA

Group for parents and students

Ambleside Online- Roseville

Monthly meetings primarily on Friday or Saturday morning, which consists of meeting for nature walks. Open to moms with similar aged children (Fall 2024 my oldest will be 6). If schedules allow, we can build in additional hikes and AO activities together.

A few things about my developing group:
- We are a Christian family and want to develop a Christian homeschool group.
-Fall 2024 will be our first year using Year 1 of AO, so I’m still new to Charlotte Mason and homeschool! (I’d like the group to consist of those using Ambleside Online.)
-I’m just starting this group so still working out some scheduling kinks and such.

We will meet for nature walks along trails, creek play, or small hikes.
I was thinking to also emphasize AO nature study rotation at the nature meet ups.

Worcester, PA

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Nature Club of Worcester

A nature club that meets weekly Wednesday afternoons starting this Spring! We will meet at various parks, gardens and natural lands within Worcester and surrounding areas. Children of all ages welcome.

Worcester, PA

Group for students

Plowheart School: A Hybrid Community

An in-home Charlotte Mason hybrid school meeting twice a week in Worcester, PA. Currently accepting students for the Spring term starting in March 2024!

Laurel, MT

Group for parents and students

CM Literature in Billings, MT area

I am a retired homeschool mom still involved in CM education, moderating AO FB and Forum, and a Fellow with the House of Humane Letters. I currently offer Literature (and Music) classes at my studio in Laurel, MT. Contact me for more information, or see my website . I'm also happy to host and lead CM book discussions. I've been a part of the CM world since 2005.

Eugene, OR

Group for parents

Intro to Charlotte Mason

Starting up a group by meeting monthly to discuss In Vital Harmony by Karen Glass.

Murfreesboro, TN

Group for parents and students

The Children’s Gathering

The Children's Gathering is our Short Morning of Lessons for Charlotte Mason Families.

We gather together every Friday morning for Hymn Singing, Old and New Testament Bible Recitations, a Psalm Recitation, and a Poetry Recitation. We also have a lesson in Physical Geography using Charlotte Mason's "Elementary Geography" along with Geography Walks. We are learning and practicing Swedish Drill together each week too.
We are reading and listening to Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and "As You Like It". We are also studying Church History using "Trial and Triumph" by Richard Hannula. We end our morning of lessons together with a Folk Song.

If you are looking for other Charlotte Mason Families to learn and grow with, please let us know. We would love to have you join us! ❤️

“One more thing is of vital importance; children must have books, living books; the best are not too good for them; anything less than the best is not good enough....”

"Give children a wide range of subjects, with the end in view of establishing in each case some one or more of the relations I have indicated. Let them learn from first-hand sources of information--really good books, the best going, on the subject they are engaged upon. Let them get at the books themselves...books teeming with ideas fresh from the minds of thinkers upon every subject to which we can wish to introduce children. ”

~Charlotte Mason

Laconia, NH

Group for parents and students

Laconia Homeschool Co-op

We are a small, CM-inspired co-op that meets one morning a week during the school year. Classes include handicrafts, nature study, and art instruction. We also have a time for recitations, folksongs, and folk dancing. There is a preK class for younger siblings.

Buchanan, TN

Group for parents and students

Fieldwork Fridays

“Fieldwork” is essentially nature study. We get out in nature and explore it together! Fieldwork Fridays are a great place to connect with other homeschool families and learn about the Charlotte Mason approach to nature study. This is a relaxed group that welcomes homeschoolers that use any methodology in the home. Charlotte Mason experience and/or application is not needed to enjoy our group, it simply acts as a framework to aid in planning our outings and group activities!

We will meet in the Murray (Calloway County, KY) and/or Paris (Henry County, TN) areas. Please reach out with any questions and if you’d like to help get this group going strong!

Wadsworth, OH

Group for parents and students

Nature Study and Recitation Group

We started as a nature group and have grown into much more! The Lord has blessed us by bringing together many like-minded moms and children to explore and learn together each week. We meet each Thursday at 12:30. (Time subject to change in the summer season). We have nature study, field trips and a recitation group. The recitation group is reserved for those families who are following the Ambelside Online Riches such as the artist study, composer study, folk song, hymns and the Shakespeare rotations.

Powell River, BC

Group for parents

Powell River, BC

Hello! Do you live in BC, Canada on the Sunshine Coast? My family lives an hour north of Powell River, BC and I am looking for other families using the Charlotte Mason method! I have just started studying the 6 volumes and our son is currently only 3yrs old. Looking forward to connecting!

Hardwick Township, NJ

Group for parents and students

Marksboro Charlotte Mason Christian Co-op

We are a homeschool co-op that meets on Wednesdays for 24 weeks from September to May. We aim to educate the whole child with good habits, great books, and guided discovery.  Good habits lead to good character, great books foster a love of learning and guided discovery makes learning stick. Visit our website for more information and to enroll.