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Lucedale, MS

Group for parents and students

W.I.L.D. Cooperative

We are a group of families striving to instill a love for God and His creation as we educate our children in the Charlotte Mason fashion. Nature Study is the bedrock of our co-op and we are adding other classes this year such as Nature Journaling.

Coppell, TX

Group for parents and students

Bethel Schoolhouse

Bethel Schoolhouse is a Christian co-op in Coppell for children from birth through 1st grade (by September 2024). We are a group of homeschooling parents who would like to together provide our kids with a wide and generous education in a way that we wouldn’t be able to do alone.

We offer extra-curricular/enrichment classes to compliment the core courses children are working on at home. Charlotte Mason said that if a family is like a nation, it should strive to “establish close and friendly relations with other nations; and that, not with one or two, but with many…” A co-op is an opportunity to do just that! Let’s be friends and work together.

Maple Grove, MN

Group for parents

Northwest Twin Cities Reading Group

We are Christian women who gather monthly for fellowship around the truths that spur us on to love and good deeds in our homeschooling endeavors. We meet each month either in Maple Grove or Albertville. Starting in the Fall of 2023 we will be reading Charlotte Mason's Volume 6 "A Philosophy of Education".

Cedar City, UT

Group for parents and students

Illuminations Outdoor Learning Center – K-2

​Illuminations K-2 is a small home-based, outdoor enrichment program that opened its doors in 2023. We are here to support homeschooling families in the Cedar City, UT (southern Utah) community. We combine open-ended play with Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum in an outdoor environment. We operate primarily in our outdoor classroom, rain, snow, or shine! Currently, our group meets 2 days a week for 3 hours each day.

Maryville, TN

Group for parents and students

Maryville CM Group

We are a new CM group in Maryville, TN. We are looking to start a CM book reading meeting, playdates, and possibly a co-op. We would love for others who are interested in CM education or who are already involved in CM living to join us as we get to know each other and grow a community of like minded families.

Georgetown, TX

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Riches Group

We are a group of CM families with middle schoolers, that gather to learn about and enjoy God through the riches he has created. This group is meant for middle school students (grades 5-8) wanting to actively engage in the feast and build community with peers. Mothers are actively involved during the group time. Subjects covered include; scripture, poetry, Shakespeare, drawing, Folk songs, and nature walks.

Bethlehem, PA

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Meetup (Lehigh Valley, PA)

The Charlotte Mason Meetup of the Lehigh Valley (PA) offers regular book discussion for parents (currently Volume V) while children play and explore, as well as less structured social time in which we discuss topics of interest to the group, whether specifics of the CM method, book recommendations, planning and scheduling, or other relevant topics. Our purpose is to support each other as we learn about and implement Mason’s methods in our homes and schools, and this group is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about CM in community with other homeschoolers who are learning and growing together. We’ll be starting Volume VI, Toward A Philosophy of Education, this fall (2023); this volume is a great place to start for those new to Charlotte Mason as well as those with more experience.

We meet on Monday afternoons at parks around the Lehigh Valley; please contact us with any questions or for more information about how to join us.

McHenry, IL

Group for students

Light House Fine Arts Collective

The Light House Fine Arts Collective offers Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason-inspired classes in music, art, drama, and literature. Ages 6-17 are invited to attend. We meet every Wednesday from September through May in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (specifically in the McHenry county area). Please visit our website for a thorough description of the classes offered!

San Antonio, TX

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Masonry Park Day

The purpose of the Charlotte Masonry park days is to build a welcoming community that serves San Antonio Area Charlotte Mason families. This is for families striving to provide a Charlotte Mason inspired education for their children. To best serve our diverse local Charlotte Mason community, the subjects offered are intentionally neutral with regards to faith. This is for families with children age 6-12 (Form I and Form II). Older children still learning or comfortable doing Form II work are welcome. Younger siblings are welcome at the park while older siblings are in lessons. The classes we will cover: Swedish Drill; Folk Song; Artist Study, Composer Study; Poetry; Folk Dance; Nature Walk, and optional Shakespeare

The group meets Wednesday mornings at parks around the city.

Albuquerque, NM

Group for parents

Abq Charlotte Mason Book Group

We are a group of homeschoolers who are learning about Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy and how to apply it. Anyone interested in learning more about a Charlotte Mason education is welcome to join us.

Sugar Land, TX

Group for parents and students

BLOOM Online and Onsite Mathematics

At BLOOM the study of math is rooted in wonder. Students are invited to delve deeply into the beauty of math and to undertake mathematical study as an act of worship in which they can behold the order and awesomeness of the cosmos and catch a glimpse into the mind and wisdom of God.

The Bluebonnet Live Online & Onsite Math (BLOOM) program offers a rigorous, college-preparatory math trajectory for 1st-grade math through Calculus. BLOOM classes meet or exceed national standards and prepare students for standardized tests, college, and beyond.

BLOOM is an off-shoot of Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative (BHSC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry offering homeschool classes with a difference. BHSC is a Group Class Community that exists to enrich the lives of Christian homeschool families in the joint pursuit of wonder, knowledge, and love.

Grand Rapids, MI

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Community in West Michigan

Four Square Community offers a variety of enrichment, academic, and nature study classes for students in preschool through high school. We also offer mother culture classes.

Collinsville, OK

Group for parents and students

Apiary Collective Co (homeschool co-op)

We are a Charlotte Mason co-op meeting twice a week for nature lore, science, literature, Shakespeare, art, handicrafts, p.e./swedish drill, sol-fa, recitation, hymn, folk song, composer and artist study and more. Moms have a book club for reading the volumes.


Group for parents and students

Amblesiders @ Letchworth State Park

We are a growing community, with the beginnings of a lending library in North Tonawanda and a regional gathering at Letchworth State Park. Reach out to coordinate annual gathering at Letchworth State Park with AmblesideOnline families in the NY/PA/OH region

Bedford, TX

Group for parents and students

Cedar Hall Classical Academy

Cedar Hall Classical Academy is a 2-day Christian classical hybrid homeschool academy that meets in Bedford, Texas.

We embrace a restful approach to teaching, using Charlotte Mason philosophy and pedagogy. Our mission is to unite homes and classrooms in order to biblically and classically train scholars to recognize, pursue, and declare God’s revealed truth through all that is true, good, and beautiful.

For the 2023-2024 school year, we will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at a church in Bedford, Texas. We offer classes for children PreK-8th Grade, with plans to continue adding a grade each year until we have a full PreK-12th Grade program.

Lakeville, MN

Group for parents and students

ABLE Homeschool Coop Community

We are a cooperative community of Christian Charlotte Mason home educators who believe that delightful wisdom acquisition is accessible to students of ALL abilities! Whether a special learner or a traditional learner, we aim to help each child delight in the joy-filled journey of lifelong learning through: cultivating wonder in God’s creation, developing servant-hearted leaders, providing grace-filled discipleship, pursuing excellence in academics and enjoyment of life lived fully together! We meet as a cooperative for Charlotte Mason academic classes on Wednesdays during the school year in Lakeville. Throughout the summer we welcome new families for special events that take place at various locations in the Twin Cities. Please see our social media pages and website for more information on events and class offerings. We have limited openings for our 2023-24 school year still available!

Akron, OH

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Discussion Group

Join us as we read through Mind to Mind by Charlotte Mason/Karen Glass. We will read one chapter a month and meet to discuss it on the second Saturday beginning June 10th. Open to anyone. Come as you’re able. Panera Bread (790 Arlington Ridge St, Akron, Ohio 44319) at 8am.

Sugar Land, TX

Group for parents and students

Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative

Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative: Homeschool Classes with a Difference

Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative (BHSC), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit offering classes in the liberal arts tradition near Houston, Texas. Neither a school nor a co-op, BHSC exists to enrich the lives of homeschool families in the joint pursuit of wonder, knowledge, and love.

BHSC's hybrid approach unites families and experienced educators, and BHSC curriculum blends the best of contemporary research with the best of the classical liberal arts tradition.

Our ecumenical Christian community celebrates freedom in Christ and fosters a nurturing environment through small a-la-carte classes such as Nature Journaling, Forest School, and Handicrafts, as well as academic subjects like Latin, Spanish, and dual-enrollment humanities. Our college-preparatory Math and Science courses encourage students to behold the order and beauty of creation.

We invite your family to join us as we spread a broad, wholesome, and beautiful intellectual feast for our students.

Edmond, OK

Group for parents and students

Edmond Group

We are a group of families who love incorporating Charlotte Mason’s beautiful philosophies of education into our homes and home schools. We would love to get to know you and meet up for nature walks and play dates! Many of us meet for monthly book clubs reading Charlotte Mason’s volumes. Join us as we learn and grow together!

Sugar Land, TX

Group for parents and students

Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative

Offering classes and activities in the liberal arts tradition, Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative is a Group Class Community that exists to enrich the lives of Christian homeschool families in the joint pursuit of wonder, knowledge, and love.

BHSC curriculum and instruction is developed on the basis of both classical tradition and contemporary research. The Bluebonnet approach is heavily influenced by Christian educators and thinkers such as Charlotte Mason, C. S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, and Jacques Maritain.

Courses are offered a-la-carte and include subjects for Kindergarten through High School. Courses include Nature Journaling, Forest School, Artist and Composer studies, Spanish for all ages, Plutarch and Shakespeare, Great Books style Literature, Latin, Handicrafts, Studio Art, as well as rigorous core classes in Math, Science, and Language Arts.

Newborn, GA

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Moms Reading Group

This moms book club is starting by reading through Mind to Mind by CM & Karen Glass. We are meeting Thursday evenings in the home of one of the members to build our understanding of CM philosophy & create a stronger homeschool community. We will share good conversation and a light meal. We hope to continue this meeting to read more of the volumes if interest persists.

El Dorado, AR

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason group of El Dorado, AR

We meet once a month for a mother's reading group, once a month for a TBG Group and I set up regular nature study outings. I also run a living books library.


Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Home Educators in Indiana

This is a Charlotte Mason support group for Home Educating Hoosiers! The goal is to have a community that collectively works towards sharing all the local resources Indiana has to offer relevant to the CM way of homeschooling, such as:

🌿 Nature Studies
🌿 Educational Events, Outings, & Field Trips
🌿 CM-Inspired Gatherings
🌿 Homeschool Conferences
🌿 Literature-based Learning Opportunities
🌿 Mother Culture
🌿 Book Clubs
🌿 Book Sales or Swaps

We ask members to join us in earnestly seeking to learn and pursue CM's educational model and foster this community. Miss Mason has offered us such a sacred way of learning, and as parents we're gifted the opportunity to help each other retain this way of living. Some ways we expect members to do so include:

🌿 Contribute by sharing resources such as those mentioned above
🌿 Actively pursue and learn the CM methods
🌿 Strive to build real, in-person relationships with other local families
🌿 Offer encouragement and support as needed

These are the components that make a location-based Facebook group worthwhile! This a volunteer run group. We are all home educators–be gracious to the collective when life allows by volunteering your time and efforts to the group. If you would like to organize an outing, you are welcome to do so long as it is in the spirit of Miss Mason's teachings.

Marietta, GA

Group for parents and students

Plantings Academy: A Community of Learning

We are prayerfully forming a Christian community and an academy of learning for the purpose of discipling, educating, and habit training. Our mission is that our children grow rich in relationships – to God, self, others, ideas, work, and the created world.

“Education is not a subject and does not deal in subjects. It is instead a transfer of a way of life.” G.K. Chesterton

Do you
• desire to partner with other families in the academic development and character growth of your children?
• value a rich curriculum that inspires students toward what is good, true, and beautiful while preparing them for life?
• find it important that the Holy Spirit be acknowledged in all learning and the Word of God be the foundation of life?

Wonderful! You are invited to an Open House for further information on Plantings and an explanation of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education.

Primary instructor/curriculum development: Kelly Holcomb (trained and experienced Charlotte Mason educator)
Secondary teacher: Jennifer Ellis

Format: 8-10 students meeting 3 days per week with assignments for home days

An emphasis on 11-13yr old because of current family makeup, but open to other ages as community expands.

Please contact Kelly Holcomb

Northbrook, IL

Group for parents and students

CM homeschooling community

A once a month or more meetup with CM homeschoolers and their families. Looking to meet up with like minded families who homeschool in this way, love nature, and socializing/play for the kids. Curriculum discussion as well as meeting friends.