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Goreville, IL

Group for parents and students

Ambleside in the Shawnee

Ambleside in the Shawnee Co-op offers a weekly opportunity to meet and enjoy some of the “riches” together along with some nature study!
•Every other week we meet and enjoy some of the “riches” together and on the opposite weeks we have nature study!
•There are also optional opportunities for field trips and social events!
*Once a semester we have a special evening for our families to gather and show the dads and grandparents some of the things our children have worked on. It is an evening for the children to share their favorite recitation pieces, singing hymns and folk songs, along with displaying any handicraft or well done nature journal entry!

Ambleside in the Shawnee Co-op is located in beautiful, scenic Southern Illinois! We meet in Johnson county.

Salem, OR

Group for parents and students

Mid-Valley Charlotte Mason

Mid-Valley Charlotte Mason is based on Salem and offers multiple groups:
- A mamas-only reading group, held once a month in the evening to work through Mason's volumes.
- A nature group for moms and kids. We also meet once a month.
- A twice-monthly co-op.

Coming soon is a twice monthly co-op!

Find us on facebook at: Mid-Valley Charlotte Mason

Downers Grove, IL

Group for students

Eagle’s Wing Learning Center

Eagle's Wing is a Charlotte Mason Co-School for homeschooling families. We meet 3 days per week with flexible 1, 2, or 3 day options.

Chattanooga, TN

Group for parents

Chattanooga Charlotte Mason

A support group of Charlotte Mason homeschool moms which meets on the second Tuesday evening of each month. We are reading though Charlotte's own works as well as other books which help in the implementation of her philosophy. Newcomers and nursing babies are always welcome and we always include time to ask questions and get answers. Join our fb group to get the latest meeting information.

Hudson, NH

Group for parents

Southeast NH Area Charlotte Mason Discussion Group

Welcome to our little local corner of encouragement for homeschooling moms in the southeast NH area who seek to implement Charlotte Mason's ideas in their homeschools. Come join us every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm to discuss and grow together! Please let me know if you'd like to join us.

Goose Creek, SC

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason in the LowCountry

A group where families can further their self-education in fellowship by studying Charlotte Mason's Philosophy together and having lively demonstrations, discussions and meeting of ideas.
For Homeschooling families local to the Lowcountry and surrounding Charleston, SC areas. For families who are implementing Charlotte Mason Ideas and Philosophy.

Arlington, TN

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Memphis

We meet the second Thursday evening of each month at 6:30 pm for a moms' reading and support group, called Tertulia. We read Mason's volumes and other related books. It's a time to connect, laugh, and deepen friendships as we grow in our understanding of Mason's philosophy.

CMM-Kids is our park day for kids, from littles to teens, and moms to form and grow friendships. We meet at a local park on the third Friday of each month at 10:30.

We also have a Facebook community for moms in the greater Memphis area who want to connect but may not be able to join us in person.

There are no fees or requirements to join our group.

Jaffrey, NH

Group for parents and students

Jaffrey Nature Group

Monthly free meeting to discuss Charlotte Mason philosophy (for parents) and featuring nature journaling (for kids). We have 10 acres of fields, forest, ponds, wetlands, and a brook to observe in all seasons. Open to families with children ages 8-18 (my kids are 8, 12, & 16 going in to this year for the 2021-22 school year). If schedules allow, we can build in additional hikes and activities together.

Boise, ID

Group for parents and students

Treasure Valley Charlotte Mason Community (TVCMC)

The Treasure Valley Charlotte Mason Community is a private Facebook group for anyone who is currently using CM educational philosophy in their homeschool AND for those who are just beginning, and even just curious about the Charlotte Mason Method. We accept all faiths and backgrounds, you don't have to be a member of any faith, or a specific church, to join and participate <3 As a heads up, leadership will openly speak about their Christian faith and other members may as well, but *ALL* are welcome! Our events run March - November, and we take a Sabbath break December - February, to give our families time to slow down and our TVCMC Committee time to plan the upcoming year. There are monthly: 1st Friday Nature Journaling, 2nd Tuesday Park Days, 3rd Wednesday Coffee & Conversations (parents only - both philosophical and practical CM conversations!), and we aim for monthly Field Trips (typically on the 3rd or 4th Friday, but that's subject to be flexible as it depends on the venue). We also host an annual CM 101 Event (please see separate CMIC entry) for interested or new to CM homeschoolers. Local CM co-op(s), nature groups, hiking groups, and other groups of interest are encouraged to post and set up events when they have Open Houses / Info Nights. Registrations for the upcoming school year typically occur during April / May, prior to a new school year starting, so please look for those in the spring! Our Facebook page is a great place to connect with local CM families and get plugged in. We also have multiple CM book clubs reading through her volumes, and we always support and encourage parents to join, or start one. If you need assistance with that, please post a question, or send a pm to an admin. If you'd like more information, even if you're not on social media, please email us at

Dallas, TX

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason reading circle

Join us on the Third Fridays of the month as we discuss monthly readings from Charlotte Mason’s volumes. Kids play while moms talk. Noon-2pm. At a home walking distance from flag pole hill park in Dallas, so make a day of it and enjoy some time outside as well! Please reach out for updated info!

Xenia, OH

Group for parents

Xenia Discussion Group

A group that gets together to read good books and discuss them. We will alternate reading Charlotte Mason's volumes, other books about the educational philosophy, literature, and other books as decided upon by the group.
Meetings are once a month, generally the 3rd or 4th Monday.

Tunkhannock, PA

Group for students

Thrive Academy

Thrive Academy is a Charlotte Mason based hybrid/cottage school that meets two full days a week. It is a tuition based, drop-off program.

Boise, ID

Group for parents and students

Charlotte’s Table Co-op

***Part of the Treasure Valley Charlotte Mason Community (TVCMC) in beautiful and scenic Idaho!! Please see that larger community's seperate listing here on CMIC for more info***

Charlotte’s Table co-op teaches the riches (electives) while building community with other nature-focused, book-loving families. We are a Christian co-op that meet 3 Thursdays per month with an optional nature hike or two every month. We have various other parties and gatherings throughout the year as well. Classes are taught by parents with a special emphasis on narration and other Charlotte Mason practices. We are a place for families who are curious to learn more about Charlotte Mason’s principles.

***Registration for Charlotte’s Table is in the spring. Look for our Open House announcement in the Treasure Valley Charlotte Mason Facebook group next March. ***

Longview, TX

Group for parents and students

East Texas Amblers

Learn more about Charlotte Mason and AmblesideOnline with others in East Texas. Based in Longview, Texas, and the surrounding area. Regularly meeting at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except December). Please contact for meeting location.

Monthly book discussions, Discord server, annual one-day workshop, co-ops, monthly nature hikes


Group for parents


A Southern California Charlotte Mason group facilitated by Naomi Goegan. The community has an annual conference, bi-annual handicraft fairs, a reading group (Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers of Orange County), and a facebook group. For more information contact:

Fredericksburg, VA

Group for parents and students

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web Co-op provides a safe learning environment for children in grades 4th and up to learn and share ideas with others with teachers who have a passion for their subject area. Following Mason’s philosophy of learning, lectures are not present here but serve as a guide to help facilitate the class in the children’s pursuit of knowledge. Knowing that many do not have the opportunity to meet locally we hope to bridge the gap. We also desire to share the load with moms who are feeling overloaded in having to provide the full feast Mason describes. We want to partner with you and help provide a well-rounded education for your children.

We also offer a Mom's meet-up virtually reading through Mason's volumes.

Wells, ME

Group for parents and students

Nature Study gathering

Nature gathering, selected riches, community service.

Oxford, MS

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Oxford

We are a community of families seeking to educate our children in the Charlotte Mason tradition. We meet monthly for nature study and moms group and bimonthly for co-op, where we together enjoy hymns, folk songs, picture study, poetry, handicrafts, drawing, literature, science, and math.

Moscow, ID

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Moscow

Interest in Charlotte Mason education is growing in Moscow! Join us for a monthly book discussion group for moms, and monthly moms-and-kids nature walk. Feel free to reach out for more information!

Springfield, MA

Group for parents

Western Massachusetts Mother Culture

We meet once a month in a member's home to discuss an article or topic. Readings are assigned each month. Recent topics have included: Breadth and Balance in Family Life and Education, Learning and Living in Community, and discussion of articles from The Parents' Review.
We also try to arrange a mini retreat once or twice a year with immersion classes and discussion.

Easthampton, MA

Group for parents and students

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Learning Community

We are a Charlotte Mason Learning Community in Western Massachusetts that meets three times a week during the school year for lessons in community. Parents are registered as homeschoolers and keep their own records. Pre-K-8th grades

Waco, TX

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Community in Waco, Texas

We are a loosely knit group of parents who are working to use CM philosophy in our homeschools. But Waco has many opportunities for a CM educator to connect with others who are CM educators!

At the center is a Charlotte Mason Study Group of both new and seasoned homeschooling mothers and co-op and school educators meets one Monday evening a month to discuss Mason’s volumes. All mothers and women educators are welcome to join our warm, humble, inspiring, focused, and encouraging atmosphere, finding camaraderie with others seeking to implement a Charlotte Mason philosophy in homes and schools. Join us, also, to ask about opportunities to connect further with the Charlotte Mason community in the Waco area.

There are other groups that have grown from this core group. And they are all wonderfully organic in their growth.