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Benton, MO

Group for parents and students

CM Inspired Education in Southeast Missouri

Fledgling group trying to start up a CM inspired meet up in rural southeast Missouri (near Cape Girardeau County), and in the planning stages, would consider weekly or monthly "Riches" study or weekly or monthly "nature" study, so if you are interested, please let me know, and indicate whether you want to do A) monthly riches, b) weekly Riches, including handicrafts, c) weekly nature study, d) monthly nature study, or e) a mother's Charlotte Mason Book Club.

Boiling Springs, PA

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Fellowship

We are a group of Charlotte Mason homeschooling moms who meet together monthly to read and discuss Mason's volumes. We are an intentional community working towards implementing her philosophy and methods into our homeschooling. We welcome others to join us on our learning journey! Please email me if you're interested in joining our Charlotte Mason Fellowship

Middleborough, MA

Group for parents and students

LifeSchool Homeschool Tutorials

We are a CM cottage school. We have students in grades 1-12. We use AmblesideOnline curriculum and meet 4 days a week. It is a drop off program for non-teaching parents. Parents are responsible for purchasing books and a small tuition/curriculum fee. We are currently interviewing for new teachers and families.

Wichita, KS

Group for parents and students

Living Ideas Community

We are a Charlotte Mason community meeting together to discuss the works of Charlotte mason and also meeting monthly for Nature Walks and co-op style classes.

Clinton, TN

Group for parents and students

CM Group

Hi! I am located in Clinton, TN. I am looking for other CM families in the area to do CM stuff with.

Merchantville, NJ

Group for parents and students

Hoping to start a CM Co-Op in South Jersey

I am new to Charlotte Mason’s methods, but I’m in love! Our kids have enjoyed this learning style, since day 1! I would love to continue to school our kids in community with other like-minded mothers. Looking to hopefully meet in person in the Fall & Spring weekly for the kids. And possibly connect with other moms (caregivers) to grow in our knowledge of Charlotte Mason’s philosophies.

Jupiter, FL

Group for parents and students

Nature Study Co-op

We meet once a week at locations around our community for nature study, nature journaling and object lessons. We use Outdoor Geography by Hatch and Scouting for Wild Ones by Brittney McGann to plan our lessons.

Jupiter, FL

Group for parents

Living Education study group

We are a group of home educators who meet the second Tuesday of every month to study Charlotte Mason’s principles for education. To join us, please email Ashley and she will be happy to help you connect with us!!

Linthicum Heights, MD

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Discussion Group

We're a group of homeschool mothers who meet once monthly to read Charlotte Mason's works and discuss and encourage one another in our homeschooling journeys. Currently we're reading through Karen Glass's A Thinking Love.

Akron, NY

Group for parents and students

WNY Charlotte Mason Friendship

I would love to form a group of friends to get together in the WNY are.
We could meet up and do nature studies, read alouds, field trips, or just hangout!

I also have started a group on Facebook.

I want to form a small group of friends to go on the Charlotte Mason journey together!

Tuscaloosa, AL

Group for parents and students

Book Discussion Group

We will meet once a month. This group is free and open to all parents.

We will discuss Charlotte Mason's Volume 1: Home Education

Victoria, MN

Group for parents and students

ABLE Homeschool Community Co-op, Southwest Site

We are a cooperative community of Charlotte Mason home educators who believe that delightful wisdom acquisition is accessible to students of ALL abilities! Whether a special learner or a traditional learner, we aim to help each child delight in the joy-filled journey of lifelong learning through: cultivating wonder in God’s creation, developing servant-hearted leaders, providing grace-filled discipleship, pursuing excellence in academics and enjoyment of life lived fully together!

We meet in Victoria, MN at a church on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. We have Charlotte Mason classes for students in K-10 using The Alveary for some lesson plans. Our classes include hymn, Swedish drill, folk song, picture study, nature study, folk dance, composer study, handicrafts, classic literature, nature lore, geography, Plutarch, and Shakespeare.

We divide up the subjects amongst the parents to teach the students as well as set-up and clean-up. We are not a drop-off co-op. If you have a special learner, we’ll discuss your child’s needs..

Contact us if you're interested in joining us for the winter an spring terms beginning in January 2023.

Nashville, TN

Group for parents and students

Hermitage Nature Group

I'm looking to start a monthly CM nature group for families in the Hermitage, Mount Juliet and Nashville area. We'd meet up one afternoon to explore outside and nature journal together. Message me if you're interested!

Hampton, VA

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Co-op in Hampton

My vision is a group of Christian families from teens to babies that meet weekly or biweekly after lunch for nature walks, nature studies, art, handicrafts, and whatever else we decide and then have time for fellowship and free play.

Clinton, MS

Group for parents and students

Wild Mockingbirds Tribe

The Wild Mockingbirds Tribe (WMT) was founded in 2016 and is the Charlotte Mason (CM) homeschool group in the Metro Area of Jackson, Mississippi. Building an intimate community to grow and educate their children following the CM method is the heart and goal of WMT. Member families have children of all ages, stages, and abilities who live as far north as Canton, as far south as Star, as far east as Puckett, and as far west as Vicksburg. WMT is active with multiple events occurring each week year-round, affording families the opportunity to participate in as many events as their schedule allows. Monthly events include a Mom’s Book Club, Kid’s Book Club, Charlotte Mason Volume Study, Nature Poke Around, Art in the Park, Home Ec, and Mother’s Tea. Quarterly, WMT has Recitation Affair, field trips, and a habit training course. Because members are so geographically spread out, several events’ locations are rotated each quarter to a suitable venue near families’ hometowns. Driving is shared and families get to experience new locales they may not otherwise visit. The only membership requirements are following the CM method and active participation in at least one (real life) event per quarter.

Check us out on social media!
Instagram: @wildmockingbirdstribe
Facebook: Wild Mockingbirds Tribe (new to Facebook 10/22)

Lansing, MI

Group for parents and students

Sundial Classical – homeschool support program

Sundial Classical Farmstead is a Mon-Thur, 8am to 3pm program that meets at Woldumar Nature Center in Lansing, MI. Our mornings are academic-focused and our afternoons are for socialization, play, and enrichment. We are interested in forming a parent support group that meets one Friday a month. Parents would discuss a topic while the children explored the grounds under supervision.

In our Mon-Thur program, we currently have 15 full or part-time students, ages 5 to 8. Next year we'd like to expand to ages 4 to 12. Tuition: part-time, afternoons only is $25/child/day. Full-time, all 4 days is $5,900/child/school year. We offer tuition discounts for siblings, volunteer parents, etc.

Sheridan, WY

Group for parents

Sheridan, WY

Connection for encouragement and discussion about implementing CM principles in the home. Would love the group to grow to include student groups too.

Madison, WI

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Study Group, Madison, WI

Our study group meets the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month, each year reading through one of Charlotte’s Six Volumes. New members are welcome to pop in and join us at any time.

Bozeman, MT

Group for parents and students

CM Co-Op

A group for teaching the riches once a week utilizing Miss Mason’s philosophy. No cost. Students of all ages welcome. Please contact for more details.

Owensboro, KY

Group for parents

CM Book Club/Discussion Group

Hi there! I am hoping to connect with other CM mother-teachers in the area by creating a CM book club/discussion group that will meet once a month.

St. Augustine, FL

Group for parents and students

St Augustine

Looking to form a CM preschool group for my 4, soon to be 5, year old with younger siblings welcome - mostly nature study, handicrafts, stories, music and play! Contact me if interested!

Plainwell, MI

Group for parents

Study Group

We have recently moved to a new area and would like to build community with other Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. I would like to get a group together and study Brandy Vencel's "Start Here" guide to the 20 principles.

Wentzville, MO

Group for parents

CM Book Study Group

Monthly meetups at a local park (kids welcome!) to read and discuss the Charlotte Mason volumes.

Morgan, UT

Group for parents and students

Wasatch Area Nature Group

Our group plans to meet once per week (likely on Fridays) for nature walks in and around the Morgan / Mountain Green area starting this Fall (2022). Our group currently includes families with children under 8, most of who homeschool or are considering homeschooling. Our nature walks are founded on Charlotte Mason's principles. Please reach out if you're interested in joining us!

Spring Hill, FL

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Gathering

I am hoping to find more families who are passionate about the Charlotte mason method and are also interested in forming a group with me that will meet once a week or perhaps even twice a month to share in a time of enrichments, such as poetry, composer, hymn, folk song, artist, handicrafts. I would also love to have the parents do a book study while working through some of Mason’s volumes and even some of Karen Glass or Karen Andreola’s books. Possibly spending time after the group meets or meeting once a month at a separate time to do the parent book study. Please request info if this is something you are seriously interested in!