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Morristown, TN

Group for parents and students

CM group

Group for parents and students. Looking for other CM families to join us for a CM book study, nature study and TBG gathering.

Grandview, TX

Group for parents and students

Chambers Creek Scholè

We are a *new* Charlotte Mason homeschool group in Johnson County that meets in Grandview, Texas.

Looking for families of middle schoolers in Form 2 & 3 (grades 4-8).

We are currently following the AmblesideOnline rotation for Shakespeare, Plutarch, and composer & artist study.

Chambers Creek Scholé seeks to foster community among fellow Charlotte Mason families -- gathering to read Shakespeare, study Latin, practice nature observation, share skills, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Oregon City, OR

Group for parents and students

Oregon City Charlotte Mason Community

We are an active community of Charlotte Mason Educators. We have monthly CM book clubs, field trips, nature hikes, local events and workshops and have a CM family co-op.
Please reach out for further information, we'd love to connect with you!


Group for parents and students

Agape Crossing Homeschool Community

Agape Crossing Homeschool Community is a faith based group of mommas committed to meaningful homeschool community for ourselves, our children, and our families. We are unique in that we are not a co-op, nor are we just a playdate group either. We fall somewhere in-between, with a common goal of educating our children and serving one another in a way that brings glory to God.

Our Mission is to foster a safe, Christ centered and Spirit- lead environment where families can connect, grow, and learn together.

We Gather regularly for fellowship and various activities, adventures, and events.

▪️Activities (narration presentations, mock trial, hymn club, book club, nature lab, field trips, sports days, pool day, etc)

▪️Adventures (park days, nature hikes, trips to the beach and springs, etc)

▪️Events (family worship night, ladies night, market day, community homeschool buy-sell-swap-free day, etc)

Our Members are vital to the community. The quality of education and fellowship found within the community depends upon our collective level of commitment to/and investment in the group.

To that end, all members agree to:

▪️Conduct themselves in a way that their words and actions promote unity and encouragement, according to the Word of God.

▪️Actively participate in community events, attend a minimum of one calendar event per month.

▪️Plan, host and/or calendar an activity/event a minimum of once per year.

▪️NOT share activities/event details with non-members for any reason, including via social media. No exceptions. The safety and security of our community is of the utmost importance.

Newtown, CT

Group for parents and students

Skylarks Rise – A Classical Charlotte Mason Community

This group seeks to prioritize Christ-centered community, feasting on living ideas in the classical tradition of Charlotte Mason. We seek fellowship in the pursuit of the knowledge of God, man, and the universe.

This group will adhere to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, i.e., the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed. As parent educators, we hold that "God, the Holy Spirit, is Himself the supreme Educator of mankind." (Mason, Parents and Children, 275).

We meet every other week on Tuesdays for lessons during the Fall and Spring Terms. Lesson Days include a group Morning Liturgy followed by Form lessons. The group works off of Ambleside Online's Folk, Hymn, Shakespeare and Plutarch rotations. On "off-weeks" and during Winter Term we schedule hikes and field trips. Mother's will periodically read and discuss Mason's volumes, Parent Review articles, CM books, and participate in CM themed conferences.

Novato, CA

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason group

There are a few families in our area that homeschool with a Charlotte Mason method of education. We read Charlotte Mason's volumes and try to implement her gracious philosophy of education into our homes. We also have a local nature club, handicraft market, Shakespeare group, and Mother Culture book group, open to all homeschool families whether Charlotte Mason style or not. We hope to grow in our understanding of her philosophy and method of education and our hearts and minds are shaped by the feast of ideas through living books.

Sevierville, TN

Group for parents and students

Amble ‘Side Me: CM Sevierville, TN

We’re looking to connect with other CM homeschoolers in the Sevierville area so we can learn and grow together. We’d love to host monthly “motherculture “ gatherings for the moms’ mutual encouragement and edification and we hope to create a rich learning community for the children… nature studies and adventures, poetry/scripture recitations, performances of Shakespeare, beautiful hymns, psalms, folk music, folk dance … architecture …picture studies. Let’s enjoy the feast together!

Fort Wayne, IN

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Reading Group

We are reading through Mason's volumes. We meet once a month at a mom's house at 8pm.

Standish, ME

Group for parents and students

Living Enrichment Scholé

We are a 24 week/year program using SCM’s co-op resources. We cover all enrichments in a beautiful and secluded spot with access to a wonderful trail for nature study.

Lancaster, PA

Group for parents and students

Norlanco Outdoor Co-op

We meet weekly on Wednesday afternoons at rotating nature trails. Our main purpose is to spend time outdoors with others. We do incorporate monthly opportunities for students to share their Recitations, as well as incorporating nature journaling. Occasionally we will do field trips or moms only evenings.

Riverview, FL

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Book Club for moms

We will be reading through "Home Education" by Charlotte Mason, and will be meeting once per month to discuss. I will be using a discussion guide by Brandy Vancel to help guide our conversations.

Midlothian, VA

Group for parents

Mother Culture

Mother Culture is a small close knit group of Chesterfield families dedicated to enriching the lives of our children through a Charlotte Mason education.
We hold a monthly moms' night out for book study of
Charlotte Mason's 20 principles:

What is "Mother Culture"?:

We are NOT a co-op.
We communicate through BAND. This is an in person Moms Book Club.

Anderson, SC

Group for parents and students

Nature Study & Habit Lessons Co-op

Hi fam! We are a group of homeschool families who value community. We meet at the park every Wednesday (9:30am to 12:30pm until it gets too cold; then 1-4 in the winter). If the weather is bad, group will be moved indoors.

We begin with 30 minutes of free/play time. Next, we move into a habit lesson from Laying Down the Rails for Children, followed by a nature study. The remaining time is for fellowship.

All ages are welcome. Feel free to reach out with questions.

Carnation, WA

Group for parents and students

PNW Nature Walks

Hi! We are a Christian homeschool nature walk group that enjoys the beauty of God's creation weekly together at different locations on the East Side. We also go on a few field trips during the year. We would love to have you and your children (up to 6th grade) join us! God bless!

Clatskanie, OR

Group for parents

Clatskanie Mason Book Club

We meet once a month for a night of discussion about Charlotte Mason's volumes.

McComb, MS

Group for parents

Southwest Mississippi CM Group

Newly formed group of ladies reading through Charlotte Mason’s volumes. Email for meeting location.

Beulah, ND

Group for parents and students

Great Plains CMHS group

We want to pursue a Charlotte Mason education with you! Let’s start a group in our area together.

Pacifica, CA

Group for parents and students

Coastside Valley Homeschoolers

This Charlotte Mason Inspired group started with three moms in 2020. We read, we play, we have fun and learn along the way. Our children are in the elementary stage, but we do not discriminate. We currently plan on meeting up weekly on Mondays, possibly more. Looking forward to this year and what it brings!

Washington, UT

Group for parents

CM Study Group

Simple monthly meeting to discuss the book we are reading and CM philosophy and application.

Charleston, WV

Group for parents and students

Starting a Group in Charleston, WV

My family recently moved to Charleston, WV and as far as I can tell there isn’t a local CM group. I’d like to start a gathering for children and their families.

I envision beginning with a fortnightly nature study/walk to let our children delight in the wonder and beauty of creation. I’d also like to offer a monthly meet up for mums to read through Charlotte’s volumes or other related material.

If you are interested in joining, please sing out!

Charlotte, MI

Group for parents and students

Mother Culture/ Nature Club

A club for Homeschooling Moms whom enjoy Charlotte Mason Principles and want to discuss them and apply them to our everyday life and want to plan and enjoy nature walks together with our children. We can meet up once a month at a local coffee shop and then meet weekly on Fridays from 1 pm to 3 pm for nature exploration in all seasons if possible...

Charleston, WV

Group for parents and students

Hoping to Start a Group in Charleston, WV

My family has recently moved to Charleston, WV and as far as I can tell there are no CM groups nearby, so I would like to start one!

I envision this group beginning with a fortnightly (every other week) nature study/walk for our children to delight in the wonder of creation and enjoy one another’s company. I would also like to offer a monthly meet up for mums to read and discuss Charlotte’s volumes or other related content. I would be happy to discuss expanding from that starting point!

If you are interested, please sing out!

Barrington, IL

Group for parents and students

Charlotte Mason Co-op

We're a small group in the NW Chicago suburbs who meet every other week in the afternoons to delight in CM subjects together! We occasionally have openings, so message me if you're interested!

Gouldsboro, PA

Group for parents

Charlotte Mason Reading Group

This is a monthly reading group for parents who follow the Charlotte Mason methods of education and for those new to her ideas and wanting to learn more. Each month we will read individually about 35 pages from one of her volumes and then meet to discuss the passages and how we can best apply her methods in our homes.

Novelty, WA

Group for parents and students

An Adapted Feast

I would love to begin a Christian Charlotte Mason group that is inclusive to children with mixed abilities. A Charlotte Mason education may look a bit different for all of us but the beautiful feast is for all. We would start out as a nature walk group with a few outings to zoos and museums. Eventually, with the help of other mothers, I would love to add in Bible, hymn study, poetry, composer and artist study, as well as handy crafts. A tea time with just the mothers about curriculum, strategies of adapting the Charlotte Mason method, and just time to chat would be wonderful to add too. My hope is to make a loving, Christ-centered community, where children and mothers encourage each other. This group would be for children up to 6th grade (age 11/12). The group would be kept small for those sensitive to noise/big groups. Neurotypical children are welcome as long as they are kind and inclusive to those with special needs. Bullying by children with or without special needs will be addressed right away. The child who continues bullying, along with their parent will be asked to leave the group and work on the problem at home. This is difficult but the health of all the children, including the one bullying is at stake, and their health is of utmost importance.
Even if you are not following a Charlotte Mason method of homeschool education you are welcome. I look forward to meeting you and your children! God bless you!