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“With All Your Mind” Charlotte Mason Reading & Study Women’s Group

Meeting location is variable - contact for next meeting location.
Meets once monthly, 6-7 pm on 2nd Thursdays.

1st meeting at Whitesburg Baptist South Campus - the Recreation Center at 7300 Whitesburg Dr.

Assignment for 1st meeting, June 9th 2022:
Home Education, Preface - Page 10 (Part I: Some Preliminary Considerations, Section I “A Method of Education”).

The book is available reprinted by Living Book Press
Simply Charlotte Mason, New West Press, there is an audiobook version available on, as well as a free online annotated version at Ambleside Online
Please underline or write out your favorite parts, parts you are wondering about, or want to discuss - we will prioritize discussing those! I am not giving any lectures, haha!

“Love the Lord your God ... with all your mind.”
Can you ever be “done” with reading, learning, and thinking to the best of your abilities and still obey this command? In a culture that often elevates emotions and “my truth” over knowledge and wisdom, let us discover together the insight a gifted, God-glorifying educator can give us in pursuit of knowledge of God, Man, and Creation for our children and ourselves. Lifelong education challenges and better enables us to appreciate God from many directions.

We will be starting with Volume 1, which focuses on the early life of children from birth to about age 9, but the emphasis she places on things in early childhood are the foundation for what she’s building for her entire education method. So, if you have children past that early age, this will be applicable to you as well, and what she has to say in her later volumes builds upon this foundational volume.

This group is for women who want to be intentional with the children that God has placed in their life and enrich the relations they form both in and out of, and before and after their school life.

We each must be intentional with our own education, which does not begin and end with school, and should truly be a lifelong endeavor to the glory of God. We should not stagnate in our own education and expect vibrant growth from our children - we must model the habits we desire to blossom in children. As Charlotte Mason says, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” - and we are part of that to our children!

Huntsville, AL

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