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Charlotte Mason Meetup

We are a community of Charlotte Mason followers located in eastern Pennsylvania between Carbon County and the Lehigh Valley. The Charlotte Mason philosophy of education is one in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Therefore, while we do see value in other methods of education, it is the sole intention of this group to learn about and adhere to the philosophy of Charlotte Mason. In this way, we will gain a deeper understanding of each part of her method (each part being inherently valuable in its own right) so that our families may fully benefit from the whole feast of her method.
We are a community that meets in person and uses Facebook solely as a convenient method of communication. Membership to this group is limited to those who regularly attend our meetings. We ask that you make the effort to arrive on time since we have our meetings carefully planned to make full use of everyone’s time. If you have a friend who is interested in joining our group, bring them! Acceptance to our Facebook group is only granted after attending at least one of our meetings.
If there are any unforeseen circumstances (eg. bad weather) we will let you know by 10:00 AM on the morning of our scheduled meeting. Therefore, please check the Event page the morning of each meeting to confirm the time and location of our meeting.
The goal of this group is to study and implement the Charlotte Mason method of education by:
1. Meeting the specific needs of people who are just beginning to learn about Charlotte Mason.
2. Reading through the Charlotte Mason’s original volumes and other supporting educational material.
3. Dedicating time to cultivating our personal “mother culture.”
4. Helping each other with the practical aspects of exactly how to teach lessons, what materials to use and how to schedule our days.
5. Creating an environment for our children in which they can partake of the feast with other children by going on Nature Walks, doing Object Lessons, Nature Journaling, working on Handicrafts, and other topics as the group sees fit.
6. Discerning which educational tools and curricula available in today’s market adhere to the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education and to be able to clearly elucidate for members which tools and curricula do not follow CM’s methods and how they deviate from her teachings.
7. Creating a pleasant, welcoming community that embraces each day as a treasure given to us by God

Easton, PA

We’ll send your contact information to the Group organizer so they can get in touch with you.