Group for parents and students


An Adapted Feast

I would love to begin a Christian Charlotte Mason group that is inclusive to children with mixed abilities. A Charlotte Mason education may look a bit different for all of us but the beautiful feast is for all. We would start out as a nature walk group with a few outings to zoos and museums. Eventually, with the help of other mothers, I would love to add in Bible, hymn study, poetry, composer and artist study, as well as handy crafts. A tea time with just the mothers about curriculum, strategies of adapting the Charlotte Mason method, and just time to chat would be wonderful to add too. My hope is to make a loving, Christ-centered community, where children and mothers encourage each other. This group would be for children up to 6th grade (age 11/12). The group would be kept small for those sensitive to noise/big groups. Neurotypical children are welcome as long as they are kind and inclusive to those with special needs. Bullying by children with or without special needs will be addressed right away. The child who continues bullying, along with their parent will be asked to leave the group and work on the problem at home. This is difficult but the health of all the children, including the one bullying is at stake, and their health is of utmost importance.
Even if you are not following a Charlotte Mason method of homeschool education you are welcome. I look forward to meeting you and your children! God bless you!

Novelty, WA

We’ll send your contact information to the Group organizer so they can get in touch with you.